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Curator's Corner

Young and the Invested's Best Finds on Sundays

Young and the Invested aims to grow an online community for young professionals looking to improve their financial literacy and develop strategies to reach financial independence.

With this goal, I want to extend the content I provide beyond just my blog and share additional information worthy of being read or listened to on the path to financial independence. But because there’s a lot out there to filter through, I thought I could provide some guidance on where to look.

That’s why I’m starting a new section of the site dedicated to curating useful content to young professionals.

The Curator’s Corner – Young and the Invested’s Best Finds on Sundays is a collection of my favorite blog posts, podcast episodes and other content I’ve enjoyed. The content will likely come from the latest week but might extend back if it’s still new to me.

Because I’m always exploring blog and podcast archives, some material might be older but I still find value worthy of sharing.  If the content is older, I will make sure it qualifies as “evergreen” and not share dated information or perspectives.

I will release this post series in a curated format occasionally on Sundays.  There is so much amazing content released across multiple mediums each week.  My goal is to share this in an easy-to-digest, curated format to deliver value and provide exposure to these great content creators.

The content featured will follow similar themes to the topics shared on Young and the Invested: Personal Finance, Financial Independence, Behavioral Finance, Travel, Lifestyle and Health & Fitness.

Please share any great blog posts or podcast episodes with me through the Contact Page or on Twitter. I would appreciate your input to ensure I am sharing the most beneficial content.

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