Entrepreneurship reflects the desire to isolate an unaddressed market gap and create a profitable business opportunity by meeting this customer need. Entrepreneurship involves being industrious, opportunistic, and adaptable when pursuing a business idea.

Successful entrepreneurs leverage a heightened awareness of customers’ needs, vision to sense where fruitful investments lie, and purpose to deliver on what matters most: alleviating a customer pain point which currently goes unsolved in the market. Entrepreneurs have unique talents, risk tolerance, and a sense of drive not to accept things as they are, but rather how they could be.

Often, this involves developing one’s self (inclusive of hard and soft skills), leading others to action, selling a vision, and making thoughtful decisions.

This category examines anything which would be useful for developing your entrepreneurial spirit- from raising capital, to leading a group, branding yourself or marketing your product to customers. Much like a true entrepreneur, this section of the site will continue to grow as it finds new opportunities to discuss all things related to entrepreneurship.

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