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Managing your debt wisely puts you closer to financial freedom.

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How we behave with our money affects our path to financial independence.

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Financial products useful for financial independence.


Discover the importance of minding your healthcare needs.

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Learn about the surest way to reaching financial independence.

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Learn how passive income is important for reaching financial independence.

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Product and service reviews for your consideration.

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Learn how real estate can unlock the path to financial independence.


See the steps to take now to prioritize a safe and secure retirement.


Taxes affect everything. Manage them wisely.

Financial independence represents an escape from the day-to-day worries of money.  It opens you up to new possibilities by having your decision-making no longer being purely motivated by financial need and instead by pursuing those things which feed your passions.

Accomplishing financial independence requires a combination of efforts, including saving a high percentage of your income, living within your means, budgeting for your priorities, and investing for your future.  These four priorities are the key themes of this site and topics which will be explored in great detail.

Several additional subcategories within the financial independence pursuit will be presented here as well.  For starters, I will explore real estate investing, tax planning and information, thoughts on what retirement means to Millennials, passive income stream development and importance, how debt management plays an important role in financial independence, and other topics sure to be discovered along the way.

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