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It can happen to anyone: a rival besting you at work, a friend betraying your trust, an old bully getting the better of you. In the moment it happens, it’s easy to get angry and fire off some half-cocked response from the hip.

But your reaction often only makes matters worse.

Instead, choosing another path side steps this harm altogether and places you ahead in the long-run: success.

Success is the best revenge. Or that’s the common thought at least.

This means your life needs purpose and you must strive for important goals. By setting high standards for yourself and working to achieve them, your success can deliver you what you want.

It can also deliver you revenge in the form of others feeling a close relative to schadenfreude, or the pleasure derived from seeing someone’s misfortune.

Is Success the Best Revenge?

Success allows you to work silently while it makes the noise on your behalf.

Though, don’t let revenge alone be your motivation for achieving success. There are many great reasons to try your best and succeed, including but not limited to:

  • Making money
  • Being a good person and making the world better for others
  • Setting goals and feeling proud of yourself when you achieve them
  • Having meaning in this world again or finding it for the first time.

You will encounter enemies along the way who constantly gloat at your every failure. Instead of letting them get the better of you, use their actions as a motivation to climb to the next level.

Don’t do this to show them, but rather, to remind you of what you are capable of achieving.

Is Forgiveness the Best Revenge?

man getting overly

Instead of success, perhaps forgiveness is the best revenge? This is because forgiveness is a way of accepting that you and others are human, and imperfect.

Forgiveness is not an excuse for another person’s actions or to be treated differently than before the mistake or mistreatment was made.

  • Forgiveness means letting go of resentment and anger towards someone else who has done something hurtful or wrong against you
  • By forgiving, it takes away the power someone holds over you
  • Forgiveness can also be a way of showing love for someone who has wronged you

By forgiving someone, it shows that you have overcome their slights

We all harbor feelings of inadequacy when we’re not given the respect that we think we deserve. When people neglect you, it’s natural to feel upset.

Often, we like to think of ourselves as altruistic – offering help freely. However, consider how slighted you feel when someone takes your offer without saying thank you.

There are some ways of disrespecting another person that are just atrocious and in those moments it can be hard to not feel angry.

Everyone has their own proportion of hurt. Yet, when someone disrespects you and it bothers you so much that it feels like some unbearable weight on your back, try not to act in haste.

But that doesn’t mean you should do something right after a hurtful encounter.

I think we need to choose another path and create success for ourselves, for example: by setting high standards and working hard to achieve them.

How Hard Work Makes You Successful

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Being successful doesn’t happen by itself. You have to work hard and be good at what you do.

It might sound like a cliché, but success is rarely handed down from the heavens; it’s earned in blood, sweat and tears, and often, ingenuity.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to overcoming obstacles with resiliency.

Even after putting in all of this hard work and achieving your success, you can’t rest on your laurels or reputation. In fact, often times “success” can quickly turn into complacency.

We may think success will just happen for us because of our connections or other reasons outside of ourselves-not by continuing to work harder than anyone else around us.

Persistently successful people know this isn’t how you become or stay successful. They understand their value as a human being lies not only in how they’re seen but also by what they continue to contribute through honest labor every day.

That also means outworking or outsmarting everyone else and not giving in to failure.

In order to be successful, you need a clear understanding that success isn’t easy. There will always be people who try and block your way on the road to getting what you want out of life-but this is only because they’re afraid or insecure about their own shortcomings.

They often try to undermine you, belittle you or knock you in some way.

Instead of feeling angry about these people, it’s better to focus on all the great things in your life and what you plan to accomplish.

Think back over how many times when someone has tried and failed where you came through victorious. Project that to today: how can you overcome the current obstacles and emerge successful?

Success truly means you are among the best and able to work through setbacks or failures.

And those people who blocked your path? These people work against themselves by trying to keep from being part of something bigger than just themselves.

By achieving something meaningful in your life, your success can vindicate you in the eyes of others.

Successful people can see past these little setbacks even when it appears difficult for most. Therefore, success is the best revenge.

What is Your Motivation for Being Successful?

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To become successful, you will need to focus on your motivation to get ahead. When times get tough, it can be difficult to find your motivation and easy to feel discouraged.

By focusing on your motivation when dealing with adversity, you can rely on it as a wellspring of inner support. Doing so will make you happy in the long-run.

But just as success is a means of making yourself happy, it could also make others who surround you content and proud as well. This success can lead to others setting life and money goals for themselves and continuing to grow your network of success.

This will allow you and your family to create a life you all have always wanted for yourselves. By getting ahead now, you can begin to focus on what’s next in your lives.

Successful People Look Forward

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Successful people look forward. They ask themselves questions like:

  • How do I want to spend my time?
  • What kind of family would give me the most happiness?
  • What are some things to save up for?
  • And most importantly, who can I do these things with?

By thinking this way, success becomes less like an objective and more like a goal that everyone has within reach- but only if only they’re willing to take the risks necessary for success!

Keep Your Success in Perspective

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If you’ve worked hard to accomplish your goals, you’ll want to keep your success in perspective. You don’t want your successes to be the only focus in your life or the only way you see yourself.

Instead, you should also consider practicing gratefulness and appreciating. You should reflect on what success has brought you.

By identifying how you achieved your success, you can determine what you want to do with it next.

Not worrying about others can also establish a sense of control over your success. If you’re not concerned with what others are doing, you have more time to focus on yourself and how far you can go.

When you live like no one else, you can live like no one else.

But, you shouldn’t think of where you’ve arrived as a destination. Achieving success doesn’t mean everything will be perfect from now on.

You should still work hard and keep trying new things- it’s just a bonus if they go well!

How to Use Your Success to Build Wealth

begin investing young

By being successful you can also build wealth for yourself. This wealth can be in the form of financial success, but also other things that might not involve money.

Achieving goals gives people a sense of purpose and fulfillment which is priceless to them.

Successful people know they will have to practice self-control if they want to get ahead for themselves and grow wealthy.

This means avoiding distractions or temptations and not losing focus. The best way to stay focused is by creating an environment where you are surrounded by supportive friends who understand this and help keep us accountable with these big ambitions.

Everyone needs support when it comes time to achieve success. But you also need support when you inevitably fail along the way.

You want to channel this failure into finding another way to get what you want.

In the late 1800s, Thomas Edison discovered a way to electrify J.P. Morgan’s house in New York City- the first home ever to be electrified and lit up at night by lightbulbs.

When the invited guests saw the spectacle, the crowd immediately knew the world never be the same again.

Getting there didn’t happen overnight. Edison toiled in his laboratory for years with Morgan’s financial support, attempting to harness electricity and use it as a tool to improve everyone’s lives.

Edison’s incandescent lightbulb changed everything and his success ignited a fire under the rest of the world’s inventors.

Edison found that when he lost one idea, it was shortly replaced by another much better one.

Finding your way after coming up short is an opportunity to find something even greater than before- success may be just around the corner.

And while we might not all be the next Thomas Edison, we can be successful in our lives by making simple financial decisions.

Every morning we wake up with the power to be better than yesterday. By making impactful decisions with your finances today, you can alter your future financial course.

Tasks like automating your savings, researching investments, picking winning stocks and funds, and investing money consistently with investing apps can start small and eventually add up to a lot.

You might even manage to turn your financial picture around completely and quit hemorrhaging money.

While not necessarily the next lightbulb, the best investing apps can empower your entire financial life and set you up for long-term success.


Should You Use Success as the Best Revenge?

Being successful should be the goal you pursue, not revenge. By looking inward and asking yourself what motivates you, you can learn more about your own strengths and let go of what initially harmed you.

Success as a revenge is not the answer to all of life’s problems, but it can be an alternative that works for some people. It may also make you feel better in the long-run because success makes everything right again!

Instead, forgiveness might be the best revenge because it allows you to come to terms with those who wronged you and know you won’t be affected anymore.

It can also open the door for you to achieve true success.

Often, for those who work at it, success yields success. It multiplies over time.

By limiting yourself to finding success solely for revenge, you lose focus on the other opportunities and resources that come available to you.

You shouldn’t make triumph the ultimate way of getting back at those who have hurt you in some way. Defying our opponents with financial gain, fame or power fails to fulfill long-term goals.

In short, using success as an instrument of revenge that silently lurks behind every accomplishment shouldn’t be what motivates you in the long-run.

Working hard to build a business, earn a coveted award, establish yourself as an industry expert or promote yourself in an unequivocally successful way yields immense benefits for you.

If nothing else, striving to be successful builds you up as a human being.

Revenge is not the ultimate way to get back at those who have hurt you in some way. But it can be a powerful motivation.

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