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Young and the Invested is a financial independence blog which aims to grow an online financial independence community for young professionals. Simply stated, the site explores topics related to finding financial independence in the 21st century.

With this goal, I want to extend the content I provide beyond just my blog and share additional information worthy of being read or listened to on the path to financial independence. But because there’s a lot out there to filter through, I thought I could provide some guidance on where to look for financial independence blogs and financial independence podcasts.  With the goal of this site becoming financially independent, I thought a collection of ideas of how to make a lot of money, how to save a lot of money, and how to live your best life would be helpful.

That’s why I’m starting a new section of the site dedicated to curating useful content to young professionals.

The Breakroom is in line with Curator’s Corner – Young and the Invested’s Best Finds on Sundaysin that it is a collection of blog posts from my favorite financial independence blogs and financial independence podcasts I regularly enjoy. The content will come from other bloggers and be updated hourly as the posts are published.

Each blog post populates via an RSS Feed (yes, people still use these) and will come with the post title, main image, and a short description if provided by the blog.

Because there is so much amazing content released across multiple mediums each week, I felt this would be a great goal-line defense to prevent anything from a financial independence blog being missed.  Please bookmark this page and visit regularly to receive your personal finance and financial independence blog fix.

My goal is to share useful content and provide exposure to these great content creators.  If you’re down with financial independence but also want an added tilt toward retiring early as well, be sure to check out Vital Dollar’s FIRE blogs list.

The content featured on the Breakroom will follow similar themes to the topics shared on Young and the Invested: Personal Finance, Financial Independence, Behavioral Finance, Travel (maybe with some help from Reddit Churning), Lifestyle and Health & Fitness.  It’s really whatever the content creators wish to share!

If you feel I am missing any bloggers, please feel free to contact me through the Contact Page or on Twitter. I would appreciate your input to ensure I am sharing the most beneficial content.

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