10 Best Investments for Roth IRA Accounts [Target High-Growth]

Roth IRAs are an excellent way to save money for retirement, and these accounts function very differently from traditional IRAs. You likely already know the account type’s benefits and are ready to open a Roth IRA if you’re reading this piece.


Investing in stocks is an investment you make by purchasing tiny fractions of ownership in a public company. These small fractional ownership pieces are called shares of a company’s stock.

Individual Stocks


Investors make money from bonds in two ways: 1. holding them until the maturity date and collecting interest payments 2. selling them at a higher price to someone else before maturity



For beginning investors, using these funds to build entire investment portfolios can make a lot of sense. They provide instant diversification with low costs on an all-in-one investment. Over time, these are safe investments that build considerable wealth.

Exchange-Traded Funds


Mutual funds build portfolios of underlying investments through pooling your money with that of other investors.

Mutual Funds

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