12 Best Types of Investment Vehicles to See Right Now

When you desire to increase your financial worth, you can trade your time for an income, invest money you currently have, or both.

What are the Best Types of Investment Vehicles?

The best investment vehicles will meet your specific investment needs and align with your risk tolerance.

1. Bonds

Many different types of bonds exist. The safest type of bond comes from the federal government. Treasury bonds, also known as  T-bonds, in particular.

2. Individual Stocks

Compared to bonds, partaking in individual stock picking is a significantly riskier choice. Individual stocks represent portions of companies, such as Amazon or Apple. 

3. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs also have some major tax advantages. You only recognize capital gains tax in years where you sell an ETF and not throughout the life of the investment. 

4. Mutual Funds

Like ETFs, mutual funds represent groups of assets (often stocks, but can be bonds or other assets) you purchase through pooling money with other investors.

5. Cryptocurrency

Investing in crypto in any of these manners can make a great addition to your portfolio because of the potential of above-average returns. 

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