12 Stocks for Kids: Kid-Friendly Stocks to Begin Investing [2021]

There are many kid friendly stocks that give young investors a chance to earn money while they’re still in elementary and middle school. Here’s our list of favorite stocks for kids to get excited about investing!

Buying shares of Walt Disney stock for your children might just mold them into buy-and-hold investors for the rest of their lives.

1. Walt Disney

Amazon is never going away; they’re just too big to fail in many respects. They’ve got a well-diversified business with ample opportunities to enter new markets and disrupt well-seated industry incumbents.

2. Amazon

Apple is the world’s largest company. They’ve got one of the most recognizable brands of any company on this list and are well known as a premium product. 

3. Apple

Alphabet is another stock that’s worth considering if you’re looking at investing from an early age onwards. Whenever you have a question and type it into a browser or phone or ask it out loud to a smart speaker, odds are Google provides you with the answer.

4. Alphabet (Google)

Kids would do well to invest in Tesla shares because Tesla is a company that supports renewable energy and Elon Musk has been an advocate for sustainable practices- both trends which bode well with younger generations.

5. Tesla

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