13 Best Prepaid Debit Cards for Teens & Kids [Reloadable]

It can be difficult to teach children how to spend and save responsibly, but it doesn’t have to be. A debit card can be a valuable educational tool, especially when the teen is in charge of their own spending with guardrails installed by parents.

Minors can’t open their own bank account until they reach the age of majority in their state—often 18 years old. Parents can choose one possible path: opening a subaccount from their own bank account to provide their kids with a card to use.

What is a Debit Card for Teens?

Though rules vary by financial institution, some don’t allow minors to have debit cards under their own name before the age of 16. Others choose to offer them to kids who are 13 or younger.

Can I Get a Debit Card for Teens Under 18?

We’ve compiled a list of the best debit cards for teens that should work for your needs below. Look at each and compare which one makes the most sense for your needs.

What are the Best Prepaid Debit Cards for Teens?

At the heart of Chase First BankingSM sits one of the best debit cards for kids and teens that works anywhere Visa is accepted. While technically not a prepaid debit card, the Chase First BankingSM account doesn’t charge overdraft fees, making it like a prepaid debit card.

1. Best Free Kid and Teen Debit Card: Chase First Banking

Greenlight provides parents control over where their kids can spend money by limiting the stores where their cards work. Parents can get alerts when money is spent on the Greenlight prepaid debit card for teens and for how much.

2. Best Rated Overall: Greenlight

With the Copper app, you get easy snapshots of your accounts and, with the Copper Debit Card, it’s easy to shop in-store, online or with Apple or Google Pay.

3. Best for Combined Teen Independence and Cost: Copper Card

goHenry is a banking app for minors that comes paired with prepaid debit cards for parents to oversee and manage their children’s account balance. You have an online account which comes linked to individual accounts for each of your children.

4. Best for Customer Service: goHenry

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