15 High Income Skills to Learn for Making Real Money [2021]

Most In-Demand Workplace Soft Skills (Employability Skills)

Soft skills in the workplace are a combination of interpersonal skills, social and emotional intelligence, attitudes, and personality traits. 


Recent studies show that groups with even minimal training in creativity tools and principles create 350% as many ideas during problem-solving sessions compared to groups without training.



Persuasive people know their audience and how to get their attention. They know how to make connections with people and make others feel safe and heard. They likely would do very well with providing networking tips for job seekers.



According to a report by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, teams made with people from diverse backgrounds (in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, etc.) perform better by up to 35% and are more creative. 



With changes in technology, politics, the environment, the economy, and more, it’s essential to hire candidates who adapt to change well. Adaptable people are resilient and less likely than other people to give up in the face of challenges. 


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