4 Best Free Debit Cards for Kids & Teens [Save, Spend & Earn]

1. Chase First Banking: Best Free Debit Card for Kids and Teens

Chase First BankingSM offers simple banking for both of you in one location: the Chase Mobile® App—for free. 

2. Best Free Debit Card for Teens: Axos Bank First Checking

The account carries the highest level of security through biometric authentication techniques like fingerprint readers, voiceprints and facial recognition (pending smartphone feature availability).

3. Best Free Debit Card for Teens with Interest: Nationwide Bank First Checking

With a highly comparable teen checking account product as Axos’ First Checking, Nationwide’s First Checking also acts as an ultimate starter checking account with debit card for teens. 

4. Best Free Debit Card for Kids Runner Up: Jassby Virtual Debit Card

The app allows parents and guardians to share money with their kids while teaching them valuable financial literacy skills.

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