5 Ways to Build Credit as a College Student

Ways to Build Your Credit Score While in School

You’ve got several options to build your credit score while in college. Using your credit wisely early on can help you receive more favorable terms later in life when you need them.


If you don’t meet the requirements for credit cards on your own, having an authorized user status on the account of a cardholder might be beneficial to your credit history and “payment history,” a credit scoring component.

Become an Authorized User


Secured credit cards work by having the cardholder front a security deposit to open an account, reducing the risk to card issuers of you defaulting or missing a payment.

Secured Credit Cards


These loans do not require you to have stellar credit to receive approval, just the income to make payments. They work by depositing money into a bank account and borrowing money from it while making repayments.

Credit Builder Loans


You can apply for a card like the Petal One or Petal Two credit cards. These cards have low initial credit limit options, offer cashback, and avoid annual fees—all features you should look for in a first card.

Apply for Low Limit Unsecured Credit Cards

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