About Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

The Greenlight debit card functions as a prepaid debit card, parents need not worry about kids spending what they don’t have. With normal debit cards, this can result in overdraft fees and possible overspending.

Parental controls are one of the key features provided by Greenlight Debit Card, as they lead the industry in terms of granularity of control.

Parental Controls

Parent-Paid Interest is an annual percentage rate that you set for your child’s General Savings in the Greenlight app. Their account will earn the interest on the first of each month and all you have to do is set up the instant transfer into their account from your parent’s wallet.

Parent Paid Interest

Transfers from your card to your Parent’s Wallet will show up immediately while transfers from your bank account will generally be available for validated bank accounts with sufficient funds 3-4 business days after initiating the transfer.

Instant Money Transfers

The program offers routine tasks that can start as unpaid which then allow you to add gradual tasks you do pay for because they require more time and work.

Chore Plans

Greenlight’s feature, Allowance Automation, allows parents to set up specific chores for their children on the parent app. Once they complete that chore or each time it is assigned, they will receive a payment.

Allowance Automation

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