Alternative Investments 101:  9 Best Options to Consider

Alternative investments represent a further diversification in your portfolio and often act as a buffer against volatility seen in the actively-traded securities like stocks and bonds. 

Commercial real estate creates a steady income from rent and the property values typically appreciate in value over time.

1. Invest in Crowdsourced Real Estate

Farmland typically offers a steady, reliable return on investment, low correlation to traditional assets like stocks and bonds, and a hedge to inflation.

2. Invest in Farmland

Investors can purchase REITs on the stock market just like they would any other company or equity. 

3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

“Blue-chip” refers to well-established art and artists with high aesthetic quality. Long-term, fine art has shown to be a reliable and lucrative investment. 

4. Invest in “Blue-Chip” Art

MainVest curates vetted small business opportunities in your local community or nationwide for you to invest, track and build a portfolio in passive income investments.

5. Invest in Small Businesses

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