If you hold assets that appreciate in value for enough time, you’ll go in the right direction toward building wealth. In other words, with time, assets either grow in value (appreciate) or lose their value (depreciate). 

What are Appreciating Assets?

Appreciating assets are those which increase in value as you own them. This means they gain value at least at the same rate as inflation, otherwise they become depreciating assets. Ideally, you’d want these assets to grow in value faster than inflation to earn a “real” return.

List of Appreciating Asset Examples to Add to Your Portfolio

Have a look at the following list of appreciating asset examples to see which make sense for your investing needs. Buy the right assets and hold them long enough, and you’ll see your net worth increase in value. 

→ Stocks

Shares of stocks represent partial ownership of a company that trades publicly on the stock market. When chosen strategically, stocks can appreciate significantly. Some stocks carry greater volatility than others, meaning they represent riskier investments. 

→ Real Estate

Most types of real estate investments act as some of the most popular things that hold value over time. While the market fluctuates, real estate value historically goes up as time passes.

→ Land

Raw land might seem like a liability from the upkeep and ongoing expenses but it can most assuredly deliver upsized returns when chosen carefully and held for long periods of time.

→ Cryptocurrencies

There’s no denying the risks involved with crypto investing with the wild swings and massive capital flowing into the asset class. This is why you should only consider starting to invest with a small portion of your overall portfolio in this new investment category.

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