Best Chore Apps for Kids  (and Allowance)

You might ask yourself how to choose the best chore app for kids as well as the best allowance app for your family’s needs.


Greenlight also works as a kids chore app, accessible through the “Earn” section of the family chore app. Consider Greenlight your chore pad and housework tracking system.

Best Overall: Greenlight (Chore App with Debit Card)


Need insight and oversight into your child’s spending and saving? You can set spend alerts and limits as well as specific locations all in your Chase Mobile® app.

Chase First Banking: Best Free Debit Card for Kids and Teens


Your child will be able to earn real money by completing chores and tasks around the house each week while learning valuable financial skills like budgeting, saving and giving back.



Parents can create tasks, initiate and pay allowances for chores or other activities, establish spending limits, receive notifications when your children use their cards anywhere in the United States as well as decide where they can spend their money on the card.



Parents can use the app to pay a recurring earnings daily, weekly or monthly which can be calculated using a calculator available within the app. You can pay for chores with due dates assigned and even penalties for being tardy.


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