Best Debit Cards for Kids & Teens

What is a Debit Card for Kids?

These accounts may not come with the custom spending controls, parental oversight or feature-filled mobile apps many new debit cards for kids provide. Some new apps even allow you to lock the card or limit where your child spends money.

Best for Long-Term Growth: Acorns

Acorns has become one of the most popular financial apps for minors and young adults but also offers a robust money management platform extending beyond just investing.

Best for Product Features and Innovation: Current

The Current app allows you to track your teen’s spending in real-time, set limits on how much they can spend, and even block specific merchants on Visa-enabled prepaid debit cards.

Best for Approaching Finances for the First Time: Stash

Stash also offers financial education resources that can help you improve your financial literacy. It covers numerous topics like investing, managing and planning money.

Best for Allowance Handling: RoosterMoney

Rooster Money is an app that allows parents to track all of their allowance for kids in one place, offers fun activities for kids and aims to build good money habits.

Best for Financial Automation: M1 Finance

The app allows you to invest, borrow and spend but also open a M1 Finance custodial account to allow your kids to use it as an investment app as well.

Best Free Debit Card for Kids: Jassby Virtual Debit Card

The app allows parents and guardians to share money with their kids while teaching them valuable financial literacy skills.

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