Best Investing Apps for College Students to Start Investing

College is typically when people start investing their money and it’s important to find an investing platform that grows with you as your financial needs change.

Start with small amounts of money: Building up your investments with small amounts of money is a smart idea when you’re starting out. You can then build it up over time and turn investing into an automatic habit

Pick a simple investing platform: There are lots of different platforms to choose from, but what’s important is that the one you pick should be simple enough for you – and have all the features you need to make investing an easy process. is a great way for new investors to learn how stocks work by following more experienced traders. 


2. Webull

The Webull app offers free equity and option trading, advanced reporting and in-depth analysis.

3. Acorns

The app is completely free if you’re a college student with a school email address (it must end with .edu). Afterward, the service offers different tiers amounting to only $1 – $5 per month, depending on the services purchased.

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