Best Investment Apps like Acorns

What are the Best Apps like Acorns?

This list of the best micro investing apps looks to offer simplified investing experiences at the start but ones which can still serve your needs as you grow your investing knowledge.

1. SoFi Invest

Like Acorns, the company wants to serve all customers who have an interest in improving their financial situation alongside participating in their other personal finance products like refinanced student loans, money management, credit cards and more.


For younger investors who want to align their investing with their social preferences, as well as keep good company to socialize and learn from others, might be the app for you.

3. M1 Finance

Similar to Acorns, M1 Finance acts as a singular personal finance app to assist with building wealth through automating your investments into diversified portfolios, having a bank account and linked debit card that provide market-beating interest rates and have access to valuable personal finance literature.

4. Webull

The Webull app offers free equity and option trading, advanced reporting and in-depth analysis.

5. Stash

Stash is a personal finance app that simplifies investing, making it easy and affordable for everyday Americans to build wealth and achieve their financial goals.

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