Best Money Apps for Kids

The Best Money Apps for Kids

Money apps can help kids to pick up financial skills quickly, often by gamifying the topics but also by including adults in the conversation. This can lead to better guidance and life outcomes.


Chase First Banking offers simple banking for both of you in one location: the Chase Mobile® App—for free

Chase First Banking


Greenlight is the only debit card letting you choose the exact stores where kids can spend on the card.

Greenlight Card


A financial app and debit card designed to give young people ages 6 - 18 a bright financial future. Kids can earn allowance, complete chores, set savings goals, give to charity and bank with goHenry. 



FamZoo acts like a regular checking account with a linked debit card except FamZoo makes sure the account can’t be charged overdraft fees, saving you money.



Famous for investing spare change automatically through Round-Ups, this all-in-one financial app helps younger generations start investing earlier.


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