Best Robinhood Alternatives

What is Robinhood?

The service, aimed at democratizing finance, targets younger investors who may not have much money to invest at once and feel drawn to commission-free trading.

1. Webull: Best Robinhood Alternative

Webull educates investors about the market. It has a unique option that allows you to try out new strategies and learn through the app before trying out an approach with real money. 

2. Social Investing App is another free stock app catering toward young adults intent on investing in accordance with their social preferences.

3. TradeStation: Robinhood Alternative for US & Non-US Citizens [European, APAC, North America]

The trading platform is geared toward the experienced trader who wishes to trade in high volumes on a diverse range of products and have access to a powerful investment research software platform.

4. SoFi Invest: Is SoFi Better than Robinhood?

The service allows you to be an active trader by buying and selling offered assets on a daily basis or passive through its automated investing service.

5. Unifimoney: Robinhood Alternative for iOS Users

The service combines robo-advisor with self-directed investing capability, allowing you to customize your portfolio on the fly or automate your portfolio in the background. Depending on your lifestyle and financial goals, Unifimoney offers the capability to invest how you want.

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