Best Stock Investment Research Software & Sites

1. Motley Fool Rule Breakers

Motley Fool Rule Breakers is an investment advisory service which provides insight and recommendations on market-beating growth stocks and businesses which are poised to be tomorrow's stock market leaders.

2. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor provides a list of five stocks they believe deserving of your money today. Stock Advisor also lists "Starter Stocks" they believe should serve as a portfolio's foundation.

3. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a stock market app that teaches you how to trade and invest. The service offers a free newsletter and also AI-powered automated trading for premium subscribers

4. Millionacres Real Estate Winners: Best for REIT Stock Picking

Millionacres Real Estate Winners is a premium solution for your real estate investing success. You will receive clear, actionable investing ideas and recommendations along with specific guidance on getting started in today’s market.

5. Stock Rover

Stock Rover helps you keep track your portfolio with detailed performance information, emailed performance reports, in-depth portfolio analysis tools, correlation tools, trade planning and re-balancing facilities.

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