Debit Cards for Under 18

Do you have kids and are you wondering how old you need to be to get a debit card? Depending on how you set up the account, which banking institution you use and more, the age requirements for having a debit card varies.

Minors can’t have an account on their own as a result of their legal inability to sign an enforceable contract. This means any account you find in person or online through a bank, credit union or financial app will require you to open a joint account to ensure you have a legally valid account which passes compliance requirements.

Do Banks Allow a Debit Card for Under 18 Year Old’s?

Several banking institutions and online banking apps for minors offer you the ability to get a debit card for minors. Read below for some of the top recommendations on places to open a debit card for teens.

Where Can You Get Debit Cards for a Child?


Teach your kids to spend, save and earn — all from the Chase Mobile® app. Chase First BankingSM helps parents teach teens and kids about money by giving parents the control they want and kids the freedom they need to learn.

Chase First Banking: Best Free Debit Card for Kids and Teens


Greenlight works like a prepaid debit card, allowing you to transfer money onto the card for your child to pay for expenses at approved locations.

Best Rated Overall: Greenlight


goHenry is a banking app for minors that comes paired with a debit card. You have an online account which comes linked to individual accounts for each of your children.

Best for Customer Service: goHenry

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