goHenry Card Review

The goHenry debit card and app allows you to distribute your child’s allowance while teaching them about basic financial concepts like earning, saving, spending and giving.

About goHenry Card

It recently launched a US-equivalent offering the following features: - Parental control to oversee how and where your child spends funds on their goHenry debit card - set spending limits one-off or on a weekly basis

How Does the goHenry Card Work?

Parents can choose where the card can be used (in-store, online or at the ATM), manage chores and allowances, block and unblock cards as well as set single and weekly spending limits.

Parental Controls

You receive real-time spending notifications to learn how much your child has spent and where. If needed, goHenry allows you to block and unblock the card instantly from within the ‘Card’ tab in your Parent mobile app or desktop portal.

Instant Money Transfers

The instant transfer capability eliminates the need to make a trip into an actual bank, which could be difficult for children with no transportation or adults pressed for time.


goHenry offers an alternative means for your kids’ to receive money on special occasions from friends and family through Giftlinks.

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