goHenry Debit Card for Kids Review: Good for an Only Child

About goHenry Debit Card

You can open a goHenry account for anyone between the ages of 6 to 18. The membership fees amount to $3.99 per month per child and you can begin with a one month risk-free trial to demo the service and understand its features.

How Does the goHenry Card Work?

goHenry is a prepaid card and app for managing family finances, from chores and weekly allowance to spending and using money online or off or accessing cash from an ATM withdrawal.

Parental Controls

goHenry works by allowing parents to block certain channels where your children can shop (ATM withdrawals, in-store or online).

Instant Money Transfers

The instant transfer capability is really beneficial for parents. When a child is too small to have a job or your teens are too busy to go with you to the bank, it’s up to you to give them some spending money each week.

Savings Goals

You can set up savings goals for an unlimited amount of priorities your child may have. This can be things like a new laptop, bike, birthday gift, college (a parent can dream, right?) and more.

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