Greenlight Debit Card for Kids Review: Best Parental Controls

About Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

The Greenlight app and card function as a purpose-built solution for families to learn about money through use of a prepaid debit card with parental controls, notifications and safety features.

How Does Greenlight Card Work?

Greenlight debit card functions as a prepaid debit card, parents need not worry about kids spending what they don’t have. With normal debit cards, this can result in overdraft fees and possible overspending.

Parental Controls

Greenlight uses a permission-based spending rules system whereby parents can set rules for specific stores and spending categories. 

Parent Paid Interest

This feature will show your children the power of saving. You can teach them how savings grow with each month’s payment.

Chore Plans

The program offers routine tasks that can start as unpaid which then allow you to add gradual tasks you do pay for because they require more time and work.

Savings Rewards

The basic Greenlight and Greenlight + Invest plans offer a savings boost of up to 1% on the average monthly balance up to $5,000. This sounds like an interest rate, though Greenlight names it differently.

Customized Cards

Greenlight allows you to customize your children’s cards. If you’d like to order a Custom Card for $9.99, you can do so by following the prompt in the notification section of your Parent Dashboard.

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