How to Start Investing Your Money

The oldest rule for thinking about how to start investing money is also the simplest: “Buy low, sell high.”

Investing isn’t easy but, at the same time, it shouldn’t be seen as a frightening endeavor. If done wisely and consistently, investing can separate you from retiring comfortably at a reasonable age and working into your golden years out of necessity.

How to Start Investing Your Money: Develop Your Investing Approach


First beginning by reading reputable stock market investment websites that discuss markets (e.g., stock news publications).

Read a Lot About the Stock Market


I recommend starting by researching five companies you admire (preferably in different industries) and cultivating ideas about the strategies of each firm, their competitive advantages, and the core value they provide.

Start Looking into Individual Companies


If you don’t have confidence in selecting individual companies to outperform the market, another strategy is to invest in index funds like exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds or some combination of the best target date funds.

Consider Investing in Index Funds and Mutual Funds


Once you’ve gotten a decent handle on the overall market’s activity and analyzed a set of attractively-valued companies you think stand out from the rest, it’s your time to pull the trigger.

Take Action

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