How to Teach Your Kids About Investing

It’s never too early to teach kids about investing. If you want your child to be financially responsible, then talking to them about investments is an important step. 

Talking to Kids About Investing

One easy way to start is by including kids in financial conversations and exposing them to the most common investments in markets today: stocks and bonds.

Tips to Teach Investing to a Child

1. Include Kids in Financial Conversations

You’ll first need to instill comfort with the concept of money in general.

2. Talk About Stocks and Bonds

Start first by explaining the value of a stock can go up and down, and this depends on a number of factors.

3. Start with a Savings Account Before an Investment Account

A child’s financial journey begins with saving money, but investment is the next step.

4. Teaching Your Kids Money Management with Stories

By involving children in stories, they’ll be more likely to follow your advice. 

5. Teach Kids the Stock Market Isn’t a Casino

Talk about investing as a long-term commitment rather than a way to trade and make quick cash in the market.

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