How to Write a Touching Farewell Letter to Colleagues

A farewell letter gracefully and professionally informs your colleagues about your departure.  It also sets the tone for your entire tenure and parting. 


To drive home the importance of your time spent together, a rule of thumb is to kill them with kindness and positivity. 

Content is Positive


By highlighting specific details, it can remind coworkers of the best times you’ve had together and make them remember your time together for the best experiences.

Personalize the Contents by Adding Specific Details


Personally, I’ve found success using humor to defray situations in conversations.  The same works with the written word.

When in Doubt, Keep it Light-Hearted and Include Humor


Use of sincerity and careful observation should go toward making your reputation online (and therefore, with future potential employers) pristine and magnetic.

If Posted Publicly on Social Media, Allow for Subtle Self-Promotion


In this letter, always make yourself appear humble, demonstrate gratitude, and let the rest fall where it may. 

Expresses Gratitude

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