Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Money can be used to purchase experiences and material goods that we enjoy – like traveling or owning a home – and these are all important aspects of living well.

What Does It Mean by Money Can’t Buy Happiness?

The main point being made here is that money can’t make someone unconditionally happy on its own-but then again neither does anything else!

Is it True Money Cannot Buy Happiness?

By having things to save up for like your family’s financial security both now and in the long-run, you can easily see how money can lead to at least some baseline level of happiness.

Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness Directly

Now, let’s walk through some of the main reasons why money can’t buy happiness directly.

→ Having More Stuff Doesn’t Make You Happy

Buying new things is a temporary high that will wear off after the purchase wears out or becomes outdated. Retail therapy only gets you so far.

→ The More You Have, the Less Time You Have to Enjoy It

It’s a simple numbers game. If you only have so much time to dedicate to your current possessions, by adding more to the mix, you dilute the amount of time you can spend enjoying each thing on average.

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