Opening a Child Bank Account with Debit Card [Kids’ Debit Card]

What is a Child Bank Account with Debit Card?

That means needing to consider bank accounts with a debit card to make online purchases or keep track of spending activity. Parents need to be laser focused on making sure their kids understand money, as well as how to use it.

Does a Child Need a Checking Account to Get a Debit Card?

Having a bank account with a linked card can help parents manage their kids’ finances while also giving them the freedom to make some of their own money decisions—albeit with guardrails installed by parents and enabled by fintech apps.

What Age Can a Child Have Bank Accounts with a Card?

Most prepaid debit cards require the child to be 18 or older (or, sometimes even 16 or older). Though, you can also get around this situation through the use of adding your child as an authorized user on your existing prepaid debit card.

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