Passive Income Apps for Making Money Effortlessly

Active vs. Passive Income

Active income is money you earn directly from work you perform. Conversely, passive income is money earned with assets you control and aren’t actively putting work into.  

1 requires no investing minimum to begin nor does it require any account minimums. Signing up can net you free stocks and make trying it out worth your while.


Because the app automatically works on your behalf as you make regular purchases or deposits, Acorns is a good fit for young adults who want to invest small amounts incrementally and see it grow over time.



M1 Finance's Smart Money Management gives you choice and control of how you want to invest automatically, borrow, and spend your money—with available high-yield checking and low borrowing rates.

M1 Finance


Open an account and make a deposit to receive a 15-day $4,000 trial deposit which allows you to keep the 4% interest earned (~$7 bonus)


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