Should a College Student Get a Credit Card?

It’s not uncommon for college students to apply for a credit card, but should they?  There are many pros and cons of getting a first credit card as a college student.

Should a College Student Get a Credit Card?

Credit cards often represent the first step into adulthood, financial responsibility, and independence. 

What Should You Consider Before Getting a Credit Card?

First, you should take the necessary steps to improve your credit score before applying for a card. 

Is it a Good Idea to Get Your First Credit Card as a College Student?

Credit cards can act as a helpful tool in establishing your own identity and financial independence from parents.

Is It Worth It to Get a Credit Card in College?

If you can handle all of these items on a monthly income and have strong spending habits, you might consider getting a student credit card.

What is a Student Credit Card?

Student credit cards are targeted towards college students and come designed to help them start building credit. 

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