Battling a Thin Credit File: What It Is & How to Fatten It Up

A thin credit file can be a challenge for young adults new to the world of credit. Your credit file represents the number and type of accounts you have opened, as well as any recent activity.

A thin credit file is a credit history that does not show enough information for creditors to make informed decisions about granting you access to lines of credit and other financial products.

What is a Thin Credit File?

Many of these steps even allow you to build credit without a credit card—one of the most common ways people look to fill out a credit report and improve credit scores.

How to Build a Credit History

A secured card typically works best for individuals with no credit or looking to rebuild bad credit.

What Credit Accounts Should I Consider First to Build My Credit Score?

1. Secured Credit Card

A credit builder loan should help establish better credit limits on a future credit card account, earn a better interest rate, or receive better overall terms on credit.

2. Credit Builder Loan

If you don’t meet the requirements for having credit cards on your own, having an authorized user status on a cardholder’s account might be beneficial to building positive “payment history,” a credit scoring component.

3. Authorized User Status

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