Tips on Teaching Kids About Money Management

If you don’t teach your kids how to manage money, they might learn bad money habits from observing other people’s poor behaviors. As a parent, you want your kids to be on the best possible path you can control, not one set by someone else!

The first step in learning about money and finance is understanding what money is all about. That means taking the time to teach kids how to value a dollar, what things cost and how to earn money. It also starts with the definition of money.

How Do You Explain Money to a Child?

Currency is the term used by countries for the money in circulation within the economy. Said plainly, the coins and bills people use through paper (coin) money, bank accounts, credit cards and more. Even cryptocurrency.

What is Money?

You should teach your kids two main skills when it comes to money—and the earlier, the better. 1. Ability to identify money and the value it represents (perhaps the latter gets learned more with time and experience) 2. Ability to use money and make change.

What Should I Teach Kids About Money?

You can teach your kids about money as early as them being able to walk and reach up to grab something off the coffee table or counter.

When Can I Teach Kids About Money?

At the same time your kids learn to read and recite their ABCs, they should also begin learning their Money ABCs. This includes how to count, make change and handle money.

Ways to Teach Preschoolers & Kindergartners About Money Management

1. Teach Your Kids Their Money ABCs

Therefore, you’ll want to set an example they can follow. That includes budgeting your money, holding regular finance reviews, saving for retirement, managing debt and minding personal finance decisions. In general, you want your kids and teenagers to manage money well.

2. Show By Doing and Being an Example

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