Today’s 20+ Best Money Apps for Teens & Young Adults [2022]

When youth can’t necessarily rely on their parents or their schools to learn about finances, they need to teach themselves. Fortunately, there are a variety of financial apps for teens and young adults that can help them manage their money, teach them how to be financially responsible, and make saving for the future easier. 

Best Investing Apps for Minors/Teens and Young Adults

These accounts let you use investing apps for minors and through adulthood (18 or 21, depending on your state’s laws) and will then revert to your name.

1. Acorns Early  ($10 Bonus)

Acorns is an investing app geared toward minors, young adults and millennials by offering “round ups,” or when the app rounds up purchases made on linked debit and credit cards to the nearest dollar, investing the difference on your behalf. 

2. Greenlight App

The all-in-one plan teaches them important financial skills like money management and investing fundamentals — with real money, real stocks and real-life lessons.

3. EarlyBird ($10 Bonus)

EarlyBird is a mobile app which allows parents and guardians to set up a UGMA account to gift money for investments to their children.

4. Stash Invest  ($5 Bonus)

Stash is a personal finance app complete with investing, money management and banking features. The app may have a special appeal to young adults because of its powerful platform of financial services.

5. UNest ($25 bonus)

UNest offers the UNest Investment Account for Kids through an app that makes it easy for families of all income levels and backgrounds to set up and manage savings and investment plans for their kids.

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