Top 22 Passive Income Apps for Making Money Effortlessly [2021]

1. offers you the ability to purchase fractional shares in companies that carry higher stock prices without dropping the full share price.

2. Acorns ($10 bonus)

Acorns is one of the best micro investing apps which can help you invest your money. 

3. M1 Finance ($30 bonus)

M1 Finance can produce passive income for you is through use of their several automation tools.  These can help you to turn the typically time-intensive nature of investing into powerful passive income ideas.

4. MyConstant  ($7 + $15 bonus)

When you open an account and make an initial deposit, you’ll receive a ~$7 bonus (and an additional $15 if depositing $1,000 or more) as an added incentive for opening and funding your account.

5. Fundrise

Fundrise is not a cashback, loyalty, expense trimming, or gaming app.  Instead, Fundrise is a platform which enables you to invest in real estate based on your investing goals.

6. Truebill

Truebill is an automated financial manager which reviews your expenses and uses automation to identify potential opportunities to reveal the true bill cost. 

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