What are Kid Friendly Stocks 2022 Has to Offer?

When it comes to getting started young, what better way to gin up interest for investing in children than investing in stocks for kids!

Can Kids Invest in Stocks?

The only way for kids to invest is through custodial accounts, meaning that a parent or guardian must open these types of investment accounts for children.

What are Kid Friendly Stocks 2022 Has to Offer?

Consider the following stocks for your investment gift list to your child. When wondering what is a good stock to buy for a child, you’ll find some great names to consider on this list.

1. Walt Disney

Buying shares of Walt Disney stock for your children might just mold them into buy-and-hold investors for the rest of their lives.

2. Amazon

As the company continues to grow and evolve, their stock price has seen an equally impressive increase. They’ve grown from $1.50 (split-adjusted) in 1997 to more than $3,000 today – that’s 37%+ annualized growth!

3. Apple

Apple is a lifestyle brand; it’s in everything you do with your phone or tablet and has been for decades now. The original mouse was actually invented by Apple back in 1979 when there were no computer mice made yet!

4. Alphabet (Google)

The company has created a market dominant position in the Search market and continues to gain market share with its Google Cloud business. The company isn’t shy about investing in its business and using that investment to grow into new areas and build the company’s market value.

5. Tesla

The stock price of Tesla fluctuates so investing money into shares requires research on when to buy low and sell high but with such innovations from one of the leading companies in electric vehicles there are plenty of reasons why kids should invest their hard earned allowance dollars in this innovative car company.

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