What are the Best Assets that Generate Income?

What are Assets that Generate Income?

Assets that generate income require various amounts to get started.  Some are investments which require little to no money to begin, while others require significant amounts of capital to grow and maintain the investment over time.

1. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Thanks to the advent of fintech, or the use of technology to enhance and automate certain financial transactions and processes, many companies now offer the opportunity to invest in real estate with or without owning property.

2. Alternative Investments

Yieldstreet is an alternative investment platform that provides you with income-generating opportunities. These investment opportunities come backed by collateral, typically have low stock market correlation and span across various asset classes. 

3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

These are a fitting income-producing asset for people who want an easy way to get involved with real estate investing without having to purchase property themselves.

4. Farmland

This also makes farmland real estate particularly well-suited to appreciate over time. In fact, over the past ten years, American farmland has risen in value by more than 6% each year.

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