What are the Best Money Apps for Teens & Young Adults?

When youth can’t necessarily rely on their parents or their schools to learn about finances, they need to teach themselves. Fortunately, there are a variety of financial apps for teens and young adults that can help them manage their money, teach them how to be financially responsible, and make saving for the future easier. 

Wanting to learn how to invest as a teenager or young adult? If so, numerous options provide easy ways to invest but may require overcoming some legal roadblocks depending on your age. By beginning your investing journey early, even with modest gains under your belt, you will have a major advantage on where your finances will start as a young adult.

Best Investing Apps for Minors/Teens and Young Adults

The investing app allows minors to have custodial accounts managed by their parent or legal guardian through their product Acorns Early available under the Family Plan ($5/mo).

1. Acorns Early

It’s easy to use and can double as a savings account and banking apps for teens. The app will teach the basics of investing, how to invest in stocks and ETFs, etc.

2. Greenlight App

Stash has thousands of individual stocks and ETFs for investors to choose from. The Stash Growth and Stash+ plans offer you the ability to contribute to tax-advantaged investments like Traditional and Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

3. Stash Invest

This money app acts as a great investment app for under 18 year olds because it allows parents to invest under the names of their kids through a custodial account.

4. UNest  ($25 bonus)

M1 Finance allows you to manage your family’s investments all in one place. The app also has stock news stories to learn about the market as minors grow up.

5. M1 Finance

Firstrade is a leading online brokerage firm offering a full line of investment products and tools designed to help investors improve their financial position through sound investing practices.

6. Firstrade

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