What are the Best Teen Checking Accounts?

With the best teen checking account options today, parents can worry less about the struggle between providing guidance and enabling autonomy as teen account options have begun to develop essential money skills in kids ahead of entering adulthood.

Best Teen Checking Accounts

1. Chase First Banking

Need insight and oversight into your child’s spending and saving? You can set spending alerts and limits as well as specific locations all in your Chase Mobile® banking app.

Best Teen Checking Accounts

2. Axos Bank First Checking

The First Checking account from Axos Bank gives teens their first taste of financial independence by giving them their checking account (which pays interest!) and free debit card for teens that has daily cash withdrawals limits of $100 and purchase limits of $500

Best Teen Checking Accounts

3. Nationwide Bank First Checking

With a highly comparable checking account product as Axos’ First Checking, Nationwide’s First Checking also acts as an ultimate starter checking account with a debit card for teens. We feel both deserve spots on this list for their features and price point: free (no monthly fees).

Best Teen Checking Accounts

4. Capital One MONEY Account

Capital One MONEY Teen Checking acts as a money management account with a debit card and a top-rated, free mobile app for teens. It’s hassle-free and designed to give you peace of mind as your kids grow into independence.

What is a Teen Checking Account?

A teen checking account works for kids between 13 and 17, though some will offer access to kids younger than this (such as the Chase First Banking account or Capital One MONEY Account).

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