What are the  Best Things that Appreciate in Value?

If you hold assets that appreciate in value for enough time, you’ll go in the right direction toward building wealth. In other words, with time, assets either grow in value (appreciate) or lose their value (depreciate). 

Appreciating assets are those which increase in value as you own them. This means they gain value at least at the same rate as inflation, otherwise they become depreciating assets. Ideally, you’d want these assets to grow in value faster than inflation to earn a “real” return.

What are Appreciating Assets?

Some assets gain value the longer you hold onto them. If you strategically purchase items you know will become more valuable, you can build substantial wealth through them. If an asset appreciates in value and is also functional, it can even be worth going into “good debt” for it. Good debt occurs when you spend money on something that yields a return greater than what you paid.

Should You Purchase Appreciating Assets with Debt?

Have a look at the following list of appreciating asset examples to see which make sense for your investing needs. Buy the right assets and hold them long enough, and you’ll see your net worth increase in value.

List of Appreciating Asset Examples to Add to Your Portfolio


Shares of stocks represent partial ownership of a company that trades publicly on the stock market. When chosen strategically, stocks can appreciate significantly. Some stocks carry greater volatility than others, meaning they represent riskier investments. 



Purchasing a house can be a wise financial decision because it’s a functional investment. As your home increases in value, you continue to have a place to live. Home values often outpace inflation, especially in growing cities.

Real Estate


One major asset class focused on the value of land (outside of real estate covered above) is farm land. Many generations of Americans farmed the land to provide food supply and cash crops not only for themselves but others around the world.



Over the last five years, cryptocurrencies have burst onto the scene as an asset class all their own. Cryptocurrency statistics show they’ve come from non-existence to a collective market capitalization of nearly $2 trillion in the last 10 years.


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