Webull often comes up in my articles as a top free stock trading platform because it acts as a commission-free service, has no minimum threshold for investing and has useful analytical tools.

Unlike Robinhood, apps like Webull offer commission-free trades on several asset categories and pair this with in-depth analytics for you to trade on data-driven decisions.

The service even offers free stocks to new users who create an account and make an initial deposit of at least $100 and acts as a great stock tracking app.

Recently, Webull joined into a strategic partnership with NASDAQ to provide all of their clients with premier Level 2 market data. As a result, users can now gain access to Level 2 Advance, powered by NASDAQ TotalView. 

This increased amount of accessible data provides investors with many more pieces to the elaborate investing puzzle. In this overview, I will discuss Level 2 Advance, how TotalView works, and whether or not investors should give it a try.

Powerful Resource Pairing: TradingView (Technical Analysis)

tradingview sign up

  • Available: Sign up here
  • Price: Free 30-day trial and then PRO: $14.95/mo or $155/year; PRO+: $29.95/mo or $299/year; Premium: $59.95/mo or $599/year

TradingView is a useful site for technical analysis stock traders looking to view stock charts and personally select specific indicators (RSI, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, etc.).

This service works well for traders looking to gain an edge on the markets by utilizing the 50+ data feeds and exchanges offered on the platforms as well as customized technical analysis with metrics like volume indicators, MACD, back testing and more.

Pairing this service with your Webull account may lead to capturing alpha through TradingView’s stock charts.


How Much is the Webull Level 2 Cost?

The Webull Level 2 price is free for the first 3 months when opening a new account but can be purchased afterward for $1.99/month.

Should You Try Webull’s Level 2 Advance?

If you’re new to investing and just getting started on your journey, the Level Two Advance on Webull might feel overwhelming to you. I would suggest getting more familiar with the basics of the Webull app first until you feel more comfortable.

TotalView assists more sophisticated traders who already know the basics of trading, but want to elevate to the next level.

If you’re an already active trader who wants to make more informed trading decisions, you should definitely consider trying Webull’s Level Two Advance. Serious traders can glean a lot of useful information for trading decisions. 

Users can try this more professional level for free for the first three months. After that, the cost comes to $1.99 per month. The Level 1 data only shows one set of bid and ask numbers, so that low price provides you 29 more. Learn more about how Webull makes money.

Experience Webull Desktop 4.0

You can access this stock investment software from mobile, desktop, or an iPad. Trading can be stressful, but the more about a potential trade that is visible to you, the more confidence you can have in that trade.

Always do your due diligence when choosing the best investments.

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