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As young professionals, we often find ourselves swamped with competing priorities and little time to dedicate to things we genuinely enjoy.  The reasons for this are manifest:

  • trying to get ahead at work
  • pouring ourselves into some entrepreneurial pursuit
  • pursuing professional development and networking opportunities
  • tending to our growing families

These, and countless other items, amount to giant time sucks in our daily schedules and make us wonder how we’ll ever sleep.  As a result, how do we make time for our hobbies and following our personal interests in an efficient manner? And just as important, how do we manage to stay on top of our personal finances?

Ideally you’d be able to have the best of both worlds: working toward your main goals while not missing out on the good stuff.

For me, I’ve always enjoyed reading articles about financial markets, business developments, industry analysis, and other related topics.  I would routinely spend time reading through news sites or online publishers to keep a pulse on the latest and greatest.

However, as I’ve gotten busier at work and at home, I’ve had less time to dedicate to this pastime.

Being a curious guy, I haven’t had any less desire to keep abreast of current events. I just haven’t had time to dedicate like I did in the past.  Which is why I am so delighted to have heard about Finimize, a great service tailoring content to people just like you and me and which is delivered direct to your inbox and/or smartphone app each morning.

The service has been helpful for keeping me engaged with financial matters around the world and distills them into an easy-to-read, approachable format.  Each daily e-mail reads in roughly 3 minutes and highlights what successful companies and institutions are doing by the day.

The service also helps keep you focused on your own personal finances instead of just switching off after working at your job.  Finimize caters specifically to those who want to keep up with the news, follow their finances, and optimize their finances, hence “Finimize”.

This newsletter arms you with the information and resources necessary to buy a house (and possibly pay off the mortgage faster), reach financial independence, retire early, and live your best life.  It’s not hard to see why this newsletter overlaps so well with my site’s mission of reaching financial independence and balancing this with living your best life.

So now that you know more about it, let’s take a look at some of the great content they provide and get a sense for the format.  You’ll quickly notice the Millennial-specific references, humor, and appeal. Another win in my book.

Finimize – One Part Cheeky, Two Parts Engaging and Informational

Finimize has managed to strike a healthy balance between providing relevant information on market developments and engagement.  Think about it this way: how many newsletters, subscriptions, or other drivel hits your inbox only to be caught by spam filters, ignored, or deleted without being opened?

If you’re anything like me, a lot.  Finimize has been one of the rare on-going communications I receive which consistently gets opened and read.  Perhaps my inherent interest in learning more about what they focus on providing does this partially, but it certainly also has to do with their marketing.

They know their audience: educated millennials who want to know more without being too straight-laced.  To this end, Finimize sends cheeky, often emoji-packed emails every day to almost hundreds of thousands of subscribers explaining what’s going on in world markets in a way that’s engaging and fun.

Their content caters to their target demographic and they know how to grab the reader’s attention.  For example, with e-mail subject lines like the below, how could you not at least be intrigued?

  • “? Snapchat looks amazing”
  • “? Facebook pokes investors”
  • “? No bulls in China’s shop”
  • “? Google smashes Amazon”
  • “? To the victor, goes the oils”

Once those email subject lines get you to open the message, they’ve got great follow through with message content and visual appeal.  Take a look at some sample e-mails I’ve received recently and you judge for yourself.

Finimize Sets a Standard for Engaging Email Marketing

Finimize excels in content marketing and content delivery.  Each e-mail reads like an executive summary, distilling the information in such a way where you don’t feel overwhelmed with details and instead come away more informed.

Further, Finimize provides this information in understandable language, replete with emojis and pithy observations.  Their format includes bespoke visuals well-suited to a quick information digest.

If you wish to follow up with more info, the e-mails include links to Finimize’s website with a deeper dive available if you find the topic discussed to be of particular interest.

And should you find the ideas to be actionable investments, Finimize provides links to an array of investment options.

They don’t solely include the index funds I promote widely in my investment philosophy like through M1 Finance, but also span the spectrum of cryptocurrencies, individual stock-trading apps, savings opportunities apps like Earny, as well as crowdfunding platforms.

They also highlight useful offers like TD Bank promotions, credit card sign ups, and other ways to earn free stocks or appealing assets.

The service promotes financial literacy while also providing valuable opportunities to explore the content discussed in their daily reads.  As the service has grown, Finimize has expanded into other products and services.

There’s an App for That

Most recently, Finimize launched an iOS app (Android app TBD) which includes specialist market news, expert-led discussion groups, and 50+ investment topics available in text or audio format with more added each week.  These help you learn everything you need to make informed investment decisions with your money.

The new iOS app operates on a fremium model, whereby the basic functionalities are free to use but the user may also pay for premium, behind-the-paywall features.  For now, Finimize offers this annual membership at £60/year.

However, if you sign-up through my link here, you will be redirected to a unique landing page where you will qualify for a £15 discount on the subscription price.

As of this writing, for the free in-app content, the following items are included:

  • Basic packs
  • The Finimize email newsletter reproduced in-app
  • Market news

Recently converting from iOS to Android, I don’t have the opportunity to review this app in great detail before making a recommendation.  However, after subscribing to the Finimize newsletter and seeing the quality content they generate, I imagine a similar level of quality extends to the app.

I’ve read a few reviews of the app and seen good things being said.

Bottom Line

Finimize is the daily newsletter that everyone in finance secretly reads. Join more than 400,000 people and get a three-minute breakdown in your inbox every day—for free.

From my experience, Finimize has proven to be a refreshing daily take on financial developments to keep you plugged into the latest actions while on the go.  The engaging format and quick digest makes for more accessible and entertaining information.

For those topics you find particularly interesting, the emails come equipped with deeper dives on their formal site.  With the service’s popularity, it’s expanded into new products and services and offers a valuable service to its readers.

If this sounds like something of interest, I strongly suggest signing up for Finimize’s daily newsletter here and eventually transitioning to its apps for your financial news updates.

About the Author

Riley Adams is a licensed CPA who worked at Google as a Senior Financial Analyst overseeing advertising incentive programs for the company’s largest advertising partners and agencies. Previously, he worked as a utility regulatory strategy analyst at Entergy Corporation for six years in New Orleans.

His work has appeared in major publications like Kiplinger, MarketWatch, MSN, TurboTax, Nasdaq, Yahoo! Finance, The Globe and Mail, and CNBC’s Acorns. Riley currently holds areas of expertise in investing, taxes, real estate, cryptocurrencies and personal finance where he has been cited as an authoritative source in outlets like CNBC, Time, NBC News, APM’s Marketplace, HuffPost, Business Insider, Slate, NerdWallet, Investopedia, The Balance and Fast Company.

Riley holds a Masters of Science in Applied Economics and Demography from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from Centenary College of Louisiana.