Today’s 20+ Best Money Apps for Teens & Young Adults [2021]

When youth can’t necessarily rely on their parents or their schools to learn about finances, they need to teach themselves. Fortunately, there are a variety of financial apps for teens and young adults that can help them manage their money, teach them how to be financially responsible, and make saving for the future easier. 

Users have seen an average of $30/month invested this way and makes the service one of the best investments for young adults who are looking to get started with saving and investing, especially if they have a .edu email address or are under the age of 24 because Acorns is free.

1. Acorns Early ($10 Bonus)

Consider opening a Greenlight Card + Invest account to start investing in a custodial brokerage account for your kids today. The first month is free to trial the product and see if it meets your needs for giving one of the best investments for kids.

2. Greenlight App

Stash is a personal finance app complete with investing, money management and banking features². The app may have a special appeal to young adults because of its powerful platform of financial services.

3. Stash Invest ($5 Bonus)

Parents using UNest have the flexibility to save for all the important life stages that their children will experience — college, first car or a home.

4. UNest ($25 bonus)

M1 Finance has the tools you need to help build a strong financial future. And, now, your children can reap the benefits, too with this top stock trading app for beginners.

5. M1 Finance ($30 Bonus)

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